The User Experience Honeycomb

The User Experience Honeycomb is a honeycomb of seven cells, each one containing the different core aspects and attributes to weigh for UX, similar to a Venn diagram.

Useful – The design must actually have something to offer in functionality versus existing designs and empower the user to accomplish real goals, better than solutions that already exist. We can’t just be happy with meeting expectations.

Desirable – Leading from this, we must ensure that the visuals and presentation are pleasant to use, and make the user think “I like how this handles it, versus other solutions”.

Accessible – While it’s doing something to make it more useful than other designs, and presenting itself in a new and intriguing way, it also must not raise the learning curve or alienate those experienced with old, standard models of the solution. So, this points out balance and not making things over complex.

Credible – We must present our design in a way that users will respect it as a professional solution, or if it is a website, that we’re professional and what we say is believable and reputable. This one’s a bit ambiguous, and things like the Website Credibility Project provide insight into this, but … eh.

Findable – This is all about eye tracking and recognition, that different elements and components of a design are easy to spot, and there’s no blankly staring at the design, trying to figure out where anything is. People should be able to start poking at it right away, even if only with limited productivity and success.

Usable – It needs to work properly, with no major glitches or inconveniences. This one’s pretty obvious.

Valuable – This one’s at the center, and we see how this goes full circle, as this connects to all the other attributes, and no matter where we start on the honeycomb, by process of related goals to reach, we wind up right back at the same place.


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Luke Zammit

Seventeen years old with a passion for design. Enthusiastic & hard working, with meticulous attention to detail.

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